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What is BASSET?

What is it and why do you need it?

Our BASSET Training

BASSET training is what you’ll need to legally sell or serve alcohol in Illinois. Our affordable and comprehensive course gets you fully certified to work anywhere that serves alcohol in the state. Our innovative online platform lets your learning fit your lifestyle; learn at any time, on any device. If you wish to get certification for your current employer, or want to stand-out from others in the job market, then this is the perfect course for you.

Once you have completed our course you will be fully BASSET certified and this lasts for 3 years before requiring renewal. We don’t just leave it there, we’ve got plenty of tips, tricks and resources on our platform that you can use even after the course. Hospitality moves quickly, so we know how important it is to be with you every step of the way.

Our Training Courses

Fast, informative and accredited by the ILCC.

Our Business Accounts

Keep track of every employee, from every branch of your business

As a business customer you are able to buy coupons for “Food Handler” and “BASSET” training. You can then give the coupons codes to your employees. Your employees then register on our website, enter their coupon code and complete the training. Once your employees finish and pass their training you will be able to see a full list of all of your employees, the expiry date of all certificates and even download their certificates, “Food Handler” and “BASSET” when you need to. All of this happens automatically meaning less work for you.

Grow and Scale Your Business

Own a chain with multiple branches? Plan on growing your business? Then our business account is perfect for you. Buy and manage training coupons for each branch of your chain and manage your employees’ certification – anytime, anywhere. You can even assign managers to your venues to help manage your account. We stop compliance from slowing you down; add new employees and training coupons onto your account at the click of a button, and automatically receive employees’ information when they activate their training.

Fast and Comprehensive Safety Training

Our courses are designed with your employees in mind. We offer a range of resources including structured content and videos designed in a way that ensures your employees can soak in their hospitality training fully and effortlessly. They can also access their training online at any time, on any device, allowing them to learn in the ideal way for them and on the go. Your employees can take the test for BASSET and Food Training certification as many times as they need, until they pass!

Everything at your Fingertips

Our platform makes tracking food and BASSET training compliance a cinch, so that you can focus on growing your business. Use our intuitive Dashboard to see a full list of your employees, alongside information about when their BASSET and Food Handler certificates need to be renewed. When your employees enter their coupons to begin training, all of their information is automatically uploaded to your account. Your employees’ certificates will always be there for you to Instantly download directly from your dashboard, whenever you should need them.

Instant Certificate Access

Normally it can take weeks for your employees’ official certificates to arrive via mail.  Our Instant ACCESS add-on is included in all business purchases free of charge. That means your employees’ certificate will be automatically uploaded the instant the state processes it. Not only this, if you have an employee joining your business with certification from us, they can simply enter your unique account number to automatically join your account with their information and certificates.  We ensure that you’ll always have proof your employees’ certification are on hand and you will ALWAYS have easy access to them without even having to ask!

“Instant ACCESS” add-on

Get access to your course certificate the instant it is processed

Instant ACCESS

Get access to your course certificate the instant it is processed

When you purchase the “Instant ACCESS” add-on for your course you will get access to your course certificate the instant the state have processed it.

Don’t wait 30 – 40 days for the state to physically mail your cert out. With “Instant ACCESS” we will email it to you the instant the state processes it, AND we will also upload it to your “Dashboard” on our website so you can download it whenever you need it.

*If you purchase the “Instant ACCESS” add-on with a course you get 37% off the price.

Food Handler Training

Fast, informative online training with instant access to your Certification

Why do you need Food Handler Certification?

Food handler training is required by a range of regulations for you to work with food in Illinois. Our professional and certified course gets you qualified to handle food safely at various workplaces, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, bars, and more – allowing you to impress many employers and gain work all across the state.

Our comprehensive course fully prepares you to handle food responsibly and safely. The course is affordable, and you can learn at your own pace; you can complete it as quickly as you’d like or fit the learning around your commitments. Our course is designed to be easy to learn, yet thorough, ensuring a smooth and professional learning experience for you at all times.

After successfully completing our test, you will be a certified food handler and will be able to work with a variety of food in a wide range of settings in Illinois – Your very own certificate in food handling can be downloaded from your account with us whenever you need it.


Business Customers

If you are a business customer or are interested in our training for your business, you can send us an email to the address below and we can call you back.

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Illinois BASSET Official is part of the “Certified Online Training LLC” group. Set up in 2020 to provide a higher quality, more feature rich, online hospitality training program. Having 20 + years experience in the hospitality industry and 4+ years in online hospitality training we have a unique insight into what you need to run your business more effectively, the features you need to keep track of all of those employee certifications and the knowledge to conduct informative easy to understand training.


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